What makes our outdoor furniture covers unique?

Lightweight Outdoor Furniture Covers

Lightweight and Easy to Use

With our lightweight and flexible patio furniture covers, there is no need to wrestle with cumbersome canvas or unmanageable materials when putting the cover on and taking it off. An easy to use attachment system made of durable plastic hooks allows you to hook the cover directly to the outdoor furniture or grill, ensuring that your covers will not blow away. Easy to Use Outdoor Furniture CoversThe bottom of the cover comes with an elastic and draw-cord system that ensures a secure fit around the bottom of your outdoor furniture or grill. This also protects your outdoor furniture covers from blowing away or allowing dirt and dust in. All covers come with a convenient pouch in which to store the cover. This pouch can be attached to chaises and chairs and used as a pillow, or discreetly stored elsewhere. Covers are offered exclusively in a creamy coffee color that looks great and will withstand the sun

Durable Outdoor Furniture Covers

Durable Covers

Though light enough for easy use, our heavy duty outdoor patio furniture covers are designed to work hard and to last. Made from a premium quality high-tech non-woven material, our outdoor furniture covers are perfect for summer and winter weather conditions and everything in between. Our covers are able to handle temperatures from -100 degrees Fahrenheit up to +240 degrees. We only use the highest quality components, materials, and hardware. Plus, our covers are backed by a one year "no questions asked" warranty.

Breathable Outdoor Furniture Covers

Breathable Covers

You may not realize this, but your furniture covers need to breathe! Most outdoor furniture covers are made from plastic materials that allow for moisture build up underneath the cover, which can destroy your furniture. Our water resistant three layer fabric is made from technologically advanced material that is one-way breathable. This allows moisture to escape, preventing mold and mildew, while keeping your furniture protected and dry.

Selection of Outdoor Furniture Covers


With over 125 patterns to choose from, our patio furniture covers are available in sizes to fit all of your outdoor furniture or grill cover needs. We offer covers for outdoor tables, chairs, lounges, umbrellas, grills, and barbecues, . We offer table covers with or without umbrella holes – most of our competitors do not offer this option, so do not be fooled.

Year-Round Outdoor Furniture Covers

Year-Round Protection

Whatever the season, an Outdoor furniture covers.com cover will protect your furniture. Our patio furniture covers are specifically designed to protect your furniture from the elements year round. Rain, snow, sleet, and other moisture will not get through. With a proper fit, our table and chair set covers will not ‘puddle’ - water will drain off the cover rather than collect on top of it. Our covers keep rain and moisture out, and because of their ‘breathable’ feature, make sure that moisture underneath the cover does not remain – as such, your furniture will not be subject to the mildew and other moisture related damage that can occur under a cover. Outdoor furniture will be protected from summer sun and harmful UV rays that can damage, fade, or crack unprotected items. Dirt, dust, pollen, bird droppings, and other airborne materials will be kept off your furniture.

Cleaning Outdoor Furniture Covers

Care and Cleaning

For quick cleaning, use a garden hose to rinse off any dirt, dust, pollen, or other debris while the patio furniture cover is on the furniture. For a more rigorous cleaning, use a mild solution of water and soap to clean the cover, but only when the cover is not in use. Covers can also be cleaned in a front loading washing machine and hung to dry – do not put the cover in a dryer. Do not clean with harsh chemicals (bleach) or abrasive brushes/pads that can damage the cover. Clean and dry your cover before storing it long term.

Non Vinyl Outdoor Furniture Covers

Not Vinyl

The trouble with vinyl covers is that they don't breathe. Though they may make this claim, vinyl or vinyl coated polyester covers only breathe if 'air vents' are built into these covers. These air vents allow dirt and dust in - just what you are trying to avoid. Vinyl (PVC) is also bad for our earth. Our outdoor furniture covers are made of environmentally friendly materials that can be recycled after their useful life.